Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Change We Can Believe In

2008. Election year. The excitement in the air is palpable. A victory for Obama is the hope in everyone's heart. Well, every sane person's. And here I sit, watching CNN (a first for me), listening to Obama's dulcet tones and believing in change, when I realize how much life really does change. Ready? Here comes the philosophical retrospective.

I was raised to love art, more than most people do (should?). But when I was little, I couldn't STAND modern art. It was trash. Filth. Rubbish. I could draw that stuff, and trust me, that's saying something. I thought art had to have a sense of realism to be considered classic. Grace. Beauty. What can I say, I was a romantic. Don't get me wrong. I still dig that stuff. It's great. But then I discovered the Wonder that is Andy Warhol.

Here he is. In all his disheveled, crazy, genius glory.

Warhol used to be the lowest of the low for me. But then, one day, it just clicked. Maybe I became more cynical. Maybe I became more crazy, and was thus able to understand his art. I think I just grew up. Warhol offers such wry observances on the state of America. It's very disillusioned. I connect with that, but just had to wait until I had experiences that made the art clear. Warhol's stuff is FULL of social commentary, the kind you only get in late twentieth century America. And you know what? It rocks. Now Dada-ism is the scum of the earth to me. Don't know about Dada? Look up Duchamp's Fountain. You'll get what I am saying.
So basically, things change. You know, there is always a chance that in twelve years I won't like Warhol (may that day never come). Or that Obama won't be president (I'll move. Run away to Mexico or something). But like the saying goes, it's the journey, right?


Ashley said...

I will probably comment on all your posts, just warning you now :)
Oh, Cat my cultured friend. Yes, Andy Warhol rocks. I'm glad you see this now.
Barack will rock the USA. I hope.
If we can get a president to INSPIRE and UPLIFT people, well, I think that would just be dandy. (Like candy.)
P.S. Romanticism is the shiz as well.

John C. said...

I had no idea you were such an Obama fan. Cool. I still feel uncultured but hopefully by reading some of your blogs I'll slowly become culturized. (oh, by the way, haven't you heard? you're not officially culturized until you start making up words like me!)

Steve said...

So what are we changing from with Obaba? You may not be old enough to remember, but EVERY election year the party out of power campaigns on "change." Nothing ever changes. Which of Obamas policies are you supporting? I follow politics, but I couldn't tell you one thing he stands for except that the government is smarter than we are and needs to step in and solve our problems for us. I would love to hear why you support him, but come up with something other than "he isn't George Bush." What are we changing?