Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RIP Weezer

OK, it's time for me to weigh in on the new Weezer album. This is going to be tough, because I have something important to say.

I did not buy the new Weezer album.

It's just... I just... it was too soon after Red Album for me to really even think about Weezer, and then suddenly they have this new single out, and I couldn't ever listen to it all the way through, because it just made me sad that Weezer wasn't as awesome as they once were, and I know that makes me sound like one of those snobbish fans who think Pinkerton is the only good album, but you know what? People say that for a reason. Pinkerton and the Blue Album are legendary. There is not a bad track on them. And I'm not a purist. I'll listen to stuff from the others. I love songs from the others (especially "Keep Fishin'", "Burndt Jamb", and yes, "Hash Pipe").

But this album is different. It doesn't have the incredible Weezer aura surrounding it. It's too soon. It's too hip... or not hip enough. It's just trying so hard. And I can't get behind that.

Today, I was putting off writing a paper and decided to give Raditude a second look. As I gazed through song titles, I saw one I recognized. "Can't Stop Partying" was one of the best demos on Rivers Alone II, with this heart-breaking desperation that reminded me of why I love Rivers Cuomo. So I decided to give the official album version a try. And it destroyed my spirit. It jumped on my heart with German hiking cleats. How could they take a song that was so perfect in it's faults, notable because it was those typical rap lyrics but with a film of melancholy, and make it into such RUBBISH. A rap interlude by Lil Wayne? What is this?

I am not completely abandoning Weezer. They are part of my soul. I will always listen to them, and I will always love them. But as far as new material comes, I have left the building. No longer will I hope for a perfect return to form, no longer will I overlook the missteps on albums.

Our affair is everlasting Weerez, but now it's history, a past I will always look back on with fondness.


The Professor said...

"It jumped on my heart with German hiking cleats." Wow...I'm jealous. Very nice.

Oh, by the way...I buzzed through all the samples of the new album on iTunes. Didn't buy a one.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I have not heard the album, however, I find it unlikely it tops the Red Album. BUT, I have had similar feelings with U2. I used to love them... and now I usually change the song when they come on. It's a sad, sad, thing.

Paige said...

It's just... bad... and sad. Guess I can hold off buying that Weezer Snuggie now.

Paige said...
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Holly said...

nothing will ever beat pinkerton. i've known this a long time, but it doesn't mean i've stopped hoping. i die a little with each new album...