Monday, February 22, 2010

Style Maven

I couldn't really think of a creative title, and I think the word "maven" is cool, so there you go.

So I shouldn't be writing right now, because I'm trying this new thing called "being efficient and finishing schoolwork earlier than three hours before class". Right now I'm attempting to trick myself into believing a paper is due tomorrow, instead of Thursday. Sadly, I'm not buying it. Why can't I be more gullible?

That was a very long-winded way of saying that while I was slacking off (typical paper-writing process), I found something most excellent.

Tavi is thirteen and blogs about fashion. I know what you are thinking. Why would Cat be interested in fashion? This girl who wears nothing but Converse, jeans, t-shirts and cardigans?

Don't fret, I am still as fashion oblivious as the next person. More so, probably. But Tavi is blowing my mind! At points I can't believe she is that young, because she's so hip and intelligent. Forget fashion, her blog is delightful to read. It's witty, colorful, and peppered with references to some of my favorite things (30 Rock and Freaks and Geeks! Let's be friends). I also like the beautiful images she posts. And the way she dresses is truly outrageous. I LOVE it. It's how I would dress if I had A) guts, and B) siblings that didn't make fun of me when I wear their super cool over-sized flannel shirts, John.

I'm probably breaking some law by posting that picture and linking to her blog, but until I get caught I ain't gonna stop.

Sidenote: I would probably be a successful rapper. Right? Right?


Ashley said...

My names A-dizzle and I rap from behind, you don't know the crazy business up in this mind, my rhymes are always fresh like a garden cucumber, all the boys on the street be buggin for mah numbeeeer.

rosemary said...

Two points: You don't need fashion if you have style, so I think you're safe, Cat. Also, I'm going to read this blog, and if it sucks, I blaming you! (Finger pointed at screen.)

John C. said...

For the record, you totally looked funny in my circa 1997 Abercrombie and Fitch flannel shirt, but that doesn't mean you're not fashion savvy. You're definitely more "hip" than me so keep on styling it up baby!~