Saturday, May 22, 2010

“Why Being Really Lonely is Sometimes Super Awesome”

Ah, Scrubs. Will you ever cease speaking to my innermost soul? Correct answer: NO, never. Well, maybe. But at the very least, you've given me several new mantras. Who could forget "EEEEAAGLE!!!" and "Chocolate Bear"? All I gots to do is get a token black friend, and that last one will be in use all the time. Just you wait and see.

It's funny (as in, interesting) that when life takes a turn for the tumultuous you have two options: wallow, or learn. The other day I was walking around UVU's campus (which is, admittedly, pretty. Whatever. No big deal), and I had an epiphany. Suddenly, Wolfmother's "Vagabond" started running through my head, and I felt at peace. Maybe I'm subconsciously influenced by how it's used in 500 Days of Summer, but I felt... I don't know, hopeful? Empowered? Able to finally regain my true self? Whatever it was, it was a feeling I haven't had for the past while, and it was wonderful. "Cause I'll tell you everything about living free." Sing it, Andrew my man. Tell me about that free-time living.

I've noticed my bloggering has been kind of different lately. Short. Pithy. Filled with an awkward amount of life summary. Because I am all about audience participation, here are some topics I've been thinking about for this little page o' mine. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure book. Except without options that take you to different pages. And also I'm telling you upfront that there is only about a 73% chance I'll write what you choose.
  1. A quick look at the many generational stages of Chris Cooper as an evil character in movies.
  2. My top "relationship"-y albums.
  3. An introspective autobiographical piece comparing mailboxes to my lost childhood.
  4. Describing the magnanimously fantastic and non-productive day that was Wednesday, May 19.
  5. A declaration of my undying love for pie and/or the TV show Community.


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I like that your current music fad is Jay-Z. I would like to hear more posts about pie. You can never talk too much about pie, in my book. I would also like to hear about at least one incredibly boring day of yours.

Sierra Robinson said...

With the advent of Ad Lit completely taking over my life, blogging has taken a serious back seat. However, when I saw your title, I couldn't resist a peek, because that is something that I am currently learning. Once again, you've spoken to me dear.

Only when I am in life's refining fire, the song that comes to me is Sweet Disposition haha.

rosemary said...

Option #3. You tell it how it is and you wield all the pretension you can wield.

lucás said...

If it's not too late I'd like to cast my vote for option #4, main due to your use of that stellar word, magnanimous! Also, the story intrigues me :)