Thursday, December 30, 2010

Face Off

Alright, kicking off what I hope will be an inordinate amount of posts in the next two days (you know, so I can fool myself into feeling like a good blogger in 2010), Imma starting with something simple. A little opinion piece, if you will. Except the opinions I'm searching for are YOURS.

Like every Christmas break, I've been watching a ridiculous amount of TV. Yes, I'll admit it. I have no shame. Most of this has been spent catching up on the last two seasons of Psych, which led me to ponder on bromance.

Bromance, usually defined as an intense bond betwixt two straight males, is a typical trope seen on the televisions. Is it real, or only a ploy used for women to relate emotionally to male characters? The world may never know.

But regardless, on TV, it exists. So I'm asking you*, who has the best bromance?
  • Abed and Troy, Community. A friendship that others "just don't understand."
  • Phil and Lem, Better Off Ted. Two scientists who rely on each other to get the job done. Whatever that implies.
  • JD and Turk, Scrubs. Living together, working together, spending every moment together. Pure guy love.
  • Shawn and Gus, Psych. Their give-and-take relationship is always a pleasure, and is hilarity to watch.
  • Bret and Jemaine, Flight of the Conchords. These Kiwis and their bromance make sweet, sweet music.
  • Other, but you must specify what and why in the comments.
Good luck choosing. I know I sure can't.

*Poll in the sidebar, to the right.


joe said...

If I was a chick I might have found Phil and Lem too adorable to not vote for.... but I'm not.

The Professor said...

I had to choose between Troy/Abed and Bret/Jemaine, because I don't watch the other shows. I went with Troy and Abed because they seem like genuine best friends, in spite of vastly different backgrounds, while Bret and Jemaine always seem to be at odds and friends more out of circumstance. Like Jagger and Richards, if the Conchords broke up, Bret and Jemaine probably wouldn't hang out at all, unless it was because neither of them could come up with anything else to do.

rosemary said...

Turk and JD. Troy and Abed are them at the beginning of their friendship, and thus a close second.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

It was a tossup between Bret/Jemaine and the Scrubs duo, because-like the Professor-I don't watch the other shows. I'll have to settle for Bret and Jemaine. A little sidenote: in baseball a pitcher and catcher are called 'batterymates' and they need to have a close bond. It's sort of like a bromance. One other pair I would throw in the mix is Kenneth and Tracy Jordan. They do love eachother....
PS. I finally saw The Social Network. LOVED IT.