Friday, January 28, 2011

This is for a class. Please don't read, it's very boring.

Casual Friday

Yep, it's a Friday again. How can you tell? By the simple fact that I have obviously been completely worn down from the week, mountains of papers and reading and the Italian class of death grinding me down into a sad little used eraser nub.

Because of that, today's outfit is all about one thing COMFORT.
Jeans: Anchor Blue, $25
Shirt: F21, $7
Sweater: ??
Belt: DI, $4
Shoes: Board of Provo, $35
Bracelet: Grandma's

Please ignore my face, I have no idea what is going on right there. Same goes for the hair. Also, I just noticed that the color of my T-shirt fits with that whole eraser imagery I had going on in the beginning. That's pretty nifty.

Quick rant on the shirt: I usually am not a fan of words or images on shirts, unless they are connected with a band I am devoted to. Which actually sums up a good fourth of my wardrobe. I would like to state here that I have no strong feelings of either love or hate for Harvard. However, I do have to say that this particular shirt is made out of some crazy magically soft material that feels like little baby rabbits on my skin. That was a disturbing image, but all that is to say: this shirt feels soft. And I like that.

Just found out what the shirts is-- a cotton-poly blend. That's fairly interesting.


Ashley said...

Also, thanks for explaining the shirt, I judged you a bit, but now I completely understand.

Mary said...

Not gonna lie, the color composition of that picture was honestly very lovely!

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Your hair looks REALLY good. I love it long.
So good and long, in fact, that I was moved to look up a picture of what it looked like in London. And do you know what terrible realization I found thereof? I could only find TWO pictures of you in all my London photos!? Were we even friends in London?