Sunday, August 24, 2014


Welcome to scenic Cape Cod!

The perfect location for a relaxing day on the beach, or a relaxing day in a beach house, this place has everything!




*WATER! But don't actually go into the water or you might freeze to death, an event we hold absolutely no liability for!

*SWAMPLAND!  These marshy reed lands cover holes you'll never see coming, adding a fun element of surprise that can kickstart your water play!


*SUNBURNS! With the first installment of Catching Fire looming right over the horizon, get a jump on your midnight showing costume by naturally dying your skin a bright vermilion.  You'll look just like a resident of the Capitol!

*WILDLIFE!  Yes that's right boys and girls, among the creatures you can experience up-close-and-personally are: seals, crabs, seagulls, seagulls dropping crabs on your head, sweet bros fully equipped with their seasonal plumage of Jeeps (find sweet bro residences on every fifty feet of beach space!), whatever beast your infected arm turns into after experiencing a seal bite, and right now for a limited time only, Great White Sharks!

So pack your bags and head to the enchanted dreamscape that is Cape Cod, TODAY!!!

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