Friday, February 6, 2009

From the Desk of a Bored Office Worker

Well, it's the casualist of casual Fridays here in the workplace. The main supervisor is gone for the day, so the minions can play. I suggested ordering pizza and having a dance party to celebrate, which I still think is a great idea, but no one else got on board. Some people have no sense of freedom.

Random thought #1: I kind of love being facebook friends with my oldest brother. We don't know each other at all, and now I'm discovering he is amazing. And listens to music I would never have expected. I'm loving the "rebel rocker" Chris. Thanks!

Random thought #2: Poets are endlessly inspiring. Today for the English Department Reading Series, Natasha Saje did a reading and WOW. I swear every poem expressed a thought I've had but could never express, and now there it was! Out in the open! Written in a wry manner that embraced allusions and mere word meanings to the greatest power possible! In other words, it's back baby. The poetry is calling me, so expect feeble attempts soon.

Random thought #3: Ugh. Never mind. I don't want to think about it.

Random thought #4: My new favorite saying? "This should be a Seinfeld episode". Uttered by an advisor after we had debated for a half hour over whether to ticket someone who had held a parking pass overtime, only to discover they had already turned it in. Classic.

Random thought #5: I've discovered the key to a incredibly great nights sleep. Listen to Glen Hansard as you drift off to dreamland and I swear on my still living mother's grave you will have the sweetest slumber in the world.

Random thought #6: This post doesn't have any substance whatsoever, but I am trying to write more, so there you go. And here's something for no reason.Have a great weekend!

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