Saturday, January 16, 2010


I will never understand girls.

For instance, why do we perpetuate the creation of "chick flicks"? I don't know why girls turn to these cinematic atrocities whenever they are feelings down. Especially when they are upset about a guy. Wouldn't those movies make things worse? Wouldn't it hurt worse to see someone else who acts like a ridiculous, petulant child (as chick flick heroines are wont to do), act horrible, meet someone, and within three days fall madly and "truly" in love? Seriously folks. I don't get it. If you can explain why this is the generally accepted form of therapy, please do.

As for myself, I turn to a different genre for relief. OK, honestly, there is no one set genre I turn to, I just avoid those gag-inducing romcoms.

Which is why I didn't spend tonight with a Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts movie. No, I curled up to enjoy this:

I think my choice is vastly superior.

Something with depth, zombies, spewing gore, themes capitalizing on humanities fear of viral outbreak, a haunting soundtrack, and some beautiful imagery. Who wouldn't feel better after watching this?

Other recommending viewings for when life has pushed you down the stairs and is now kicking you repeatedly: Hotel Rwanda, the BBC's Macbeth, and Empire of the Sun. Also: Young Frankenstein.

I didn't ever say the list would make sense, I just said that it would contain satisfying viewing experiences. And it does. So win for me.


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I bet The Professor likes 28 Days Later... Based on his picture, that seems like his kind of movie.

I have to say, to a degree I like chick flicks. The plots are always terrible and predictable, but they are often funny and make me smile. I liked Music and Lyrics. I hated You've Got Mail. It's hard to say. As far as therapy goes, I can't say I've ever watched a chick flick to feel better. I just eat ice cream right out of the carton and go skiing. But I do watch chick flicks for some moderate entertainment value.

Pg. said...

....Hotel Rwanda?
Who are you??

Dana said...

I LOVE that you put BBC Macbeth, that's an any time/every time movie!

oh, and yeah i was semi stalking you. first i commented on your facebook, and i saw your blog and i realized i forgot to put it on my blog, then i came and read and couldnt NOT comment on this one. and im not a glad you understand me. :)

Paige said...

When I spend all day reading Milton and Marxist literary theory, my brain needs a break. I need something predictable and ridiculous, that doesn't require me to think. My brain cannot handle that constant mental stimulation. I need to relax. That is why, after reading 4 straight hours of literary theory, I rewarded my mental muscles with Leap Year--yes, the Amy Adams movie.

Ashlee said...

28 Days Later? Can't do it. Those movies scare the pee right out of me. Chick movies for therapy, however, I have to agree is a ridiculous notion. No romance if I'm trying to get over romance. But I go with things like Gladiator or ridiculous old movies like Little Giants or Heavyweights to help me cope. I just can't handle zombies.

Ashley said...

I love you.