Friday, March 18, 2011

Hip to be Square

Tonight, I went here:

Drank some delicious hot chocolate, and then wandered over here:
Where I read this:

Which I decided I absolutely, definitely want to teach in my classroom someday. That probably won't fly in Utah (murmur murmur stinkin' censorship murmur), but I've already come up with a few ways that it would TOTALLY work to teach different concepts. Gordy's description of how to read books? The altercation with Mr. P that talks about living up to potential? The wonderful Vince Lombardi quote and the moments with the Coach--applicable not just to sports, but to life. The integration of comic and the interview with the cartoonist at the back? Golden, I say, golden!

This is all my way of saying I have had an absolutely perfect Friday.
I'm a very, very lucky person, when all things are considered.

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